Bellingham’s excellent goal-scoring performance justifies why he should become a striker, CEL 0:1 RMA

Real Madrid defeated Celta Vigo in their third Spanish La Liga match of the year Wednesday at the Baladios Stadium, earning their third straight victory. Even if they may not have given their best effort in the match, Los Blancos defeated Celta Vigo 1-0 to earn a crucial victory. After a narrow victory over the host team, Jude Bellingham’s late winning goal was sufficient to give Real Madrid all three significant points from this contest. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Jude Bellingham, a player for Real Madrid, grabbed headlines once more in today’s game after turning in yet another outstanding performance against Celta Vigo. The English international saved Real Madrid in this match by scoring the game’s lone goal, giving them the victory over Celta Vigo. Jude Bellingham, although not being deployed as a striker, has scored four goals and contributed an assist in his three games for Real Madrid in this competition.

Well, I think Jude Bellingham’s outstanding Real Madrid goal-scoring performance clarifies why he ought to be converted into a striker. This season, Jude Bellingham has outperformed all of Real Madrid’s attackers in terms of goal scoring. The English international currently possesses excellent finishing, which has helped the Los Blancos this season in La Liga. This season, Carlo Ancelotti ought to think about making him the team’s striker because of his excellent finishing ability in front of goal.…… Continue Your Reading

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