Bayo Orire:”Tinubu cried out that governors failed to use money he gave them for purpose he gave them”

Bayo Orire:"Tinubu cried out that governors failed to use money he gave them for purpose he gave them"Nigeria faces a number of difficulties, which have been addressed by Dr. Adebayo Orire, a physician and prominent member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State. He remarked that although President Tinubu is capable of making good changes, his lack of cooperation is impeding him. Dr. Orire claims that some northern leaders have been threatening, and governors are not assisting Tinubu in his endeavors. He claimed Tinubu was forced to complain that the governors were not using the money he had given them for the reasons for which it was meant.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In an interview recently shared by The Sun, Orire expressed concern about the country’s current state, saying that many people are focused only on personal gain. He said this mentality is harming Nigeria and affecting even education. He stated that many graduates today struggle with basic skills, like speaking good English or practicing their professions effectively.

Dr. Orire suggested that for real change to happen, everyone needs to start from the basics and rethink their values. He emphasized that if parents are dishonest, their children are likely to follow the same path

In Orire’s words: “He (Tinubu) had to cry out that the governors failed to use the money he gave them for the purpose he gave them. These are the issues. I don’t know how our brain got disorganised that it is only theft and personal gains alone. And it is affecting us. Graduates now cannot speak good English, cannot practise their profession very well”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>