Bayo Onanuga: I Bought A Basket Of Mangoes For N1k In Ogbomoso, But In Lagos Only 3 Mangoes Were N1k

Bayo Onanuga: I Bought A Basket Of Mangoes For N1k In Ogbomoso, But In Lagos Only 3 Mangoes Were N1kBayo Onanuga, Special Advisor on Information and Strategy to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to lessening the suffering of Nigerians. According to the Sunday Sun story, Onanuga stressed the importance of collaboration between the public, media, and government in order to advance progress.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

When Onanuga accepted the Association of Corporate Online Publishers (ACOE) in Abuja, he emphasized that all Nigerians—including the media—must be essential to guiding the nation’s progress. He pointed out that in order to fight hunger and lower living expenses, cooperation is required, especially in the agricultural sector.

Insuring that the government’s efforts will produce favorable outcomes within the next year, Onanuga shared his media experience and his dedication to effective communication. Although he acknowledged the difficulties of the present, he pointed out that the cost of living crisis is a worldwide issue. In order to solve the problem, Onanuga urged Nigerians to work in agriculture, even in their backyards, in order to boost food production and lessen dependency on dealers who might be undermining initiatives or making money.

He talked about his own experiences with price differences between areas and stressed the need for group action. He declared, “For example, a lady showed us a basket of tomatoes being sold for N4,000, and in Lagos, it is N10,000, and in Abuja it is N8,000.

“I bought a basket of mangoes for N1,000 in Ogbomoso, but in Lagos only three mangoes were sold for N1,000. There might be sabotage or profiteering by traders, but the solution is for all of us to engage in agriculture. Let’s start planting something in our yards.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>