Bawa: Chuks Akunna claims that if you visit the EFCC headquarters, you’ll believe that you’re in northern Nigeria.

When choosing candidates to lead the anti-corruption agency, Chuks Akunna has questioned the justification for the preference for people from the northern region. This occurs in the middle of the current controversy that has followed the suspension of Abdulrasheed Bawa, a seasoned journalist and public affairs analyst, as Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Following accusations that he had deceived the public, Bawa was fired.

Keep in mind that on June 14, 2023, a number of news outlets stated that President Tinubu had ordered Bawa to be suspended owing to allegations of corruption. Tinubu imposed Bawa’s ban. Agents of the Department of State Services (DSS) detained the troubled EFCC chief shortly after he had been removed from office.CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The Executive Director of The Authority Newspaper, Akunna, noted that only northerners have been chosen to head the EFCC since it was founded and that this ethnic bias is equally being extended to its recruitment policy during his response to Bawa’s suspension, which took place on Thursday during an interview on the program ‘Kaakaki’ on Africa Independent Television.

“Is it by chance or design that everyone who has headed the EFCC from its inception to the present comes from one region of the country, the north?” he said. Since Hausa is the main language spoken there, visiting the EFCC Headquarters in the present would make you feel as though you had traveled to the north of the nation. In all facets of its operations, this organization prioritizes the northern region.…… Continue Your Reading

Don’t you believe it’s time to consider other areas when it comes to hiring for the EFCC? Our main areas of attention should be the southwest, south-south, and southeast. Do we intend to imply that no one in these regions possesses the requisite skills? Without mentioning Bawa, this offers the President a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to right all the wrongs that have been done by that organization.

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