Atiku’s spokesperson, Bwala, discusses how Tinubu’s statements in London may have affected how the election was conducted.

Atiku's spokesperson, Bwala, discusses how Tinubu's statements in London may have affected how the election was conducted.President-elect Tinubu’s post-election plea for healing has received a response from Atiku’s PCC spokesman, Daniel Bwala. In his interview, Bwala recounted what Tinubu had told to APC members and supporters in London prior to the election in Nigeria.

Bwala spoke on the subject and stated,

“It is good that Tinubu is calling for peace, as that is what leadership entails. Unfortunately, he is doing this after he and his party have achieved their goals….. Continue Reading

I remember questioning his silence concerning Lagos State before the governorship election. There was a back and forth between Igbos and Yorubas before the Lagos governorship election, and we expected him to say something due to his political influence in the state.

He added, “However, the APC now wants peace after winning the Lagos State governorship election. There are people who have addressed the governorship election by recalling Tinubu’s statement in the UK, where he said power is not served ala carte and it must be grabbed. Everything he said in London manifested itself in the election across various states.

You might remember the widely circulated video of Tinubu talking with APC members after attending a Chatham House event prior to the election…

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