Ashmusy Discloses. “I Stopped Acting In Nollywood Because Some Producers Always Asked Me To Have Sex With Them”

Nigerian comedian Ashmusy has explained why she stopped appearing in Nollywood films in an interview with media personality Chude. She admitted that she quit starring in films because some producers insisted on having sex with her before giving her a role. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

She made it known that it got to a point where she was scared of being rap€d because they usually invite her to private rooms for discussions. She stated that she was told by some of the producers that they would turn her into a popular actress if she agrees to sl€ep with them.

In her statement during the interview, she said, “I stopped acting in Nollywood because some producers always asked me to have s€x with them. They usually invite me to private rooms, and it got to the point that I had to escape from one of them because I was so scared of being rap€d.

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“When I realized that it was becoming a constant thing in Nollywood, I decided to stop acting in movies because I cannot exchange my body for a movie role.” CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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