Asari Dokubo:”So from Lagos to Oran, We Should All Give up Because of the Interest of One Individual?”

Asari Dokubo:"There's This Little Girl on Tik Tok Saying Rivers State is Igbo; Come and Make Us Igbo"Alhaji Asari Dokubo, a well-known figure in the Kalabari Kingdom, angrily denounced attempts in a Facebook video to compromise the larger goals of the Lagos-Calabar coastline road project for the profit margin of one person. Dokubo reaffirmed his support for the project in a Facebook video, rejecting arguments that the project should be stopped because of a small section of the Lagos road.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He questioned the logic of prioritising one person’s business interests over the benefits of the road, which spans from Lagos to Oran. Dokubo emphasised that the project’s significance cannot be compromised for individual gain, urging a focus on collective progress over personal interests.

According to him, “I am 100% in support of this road, so don’t come and be inboxing me on this road that because of the facility of somebody in one small part of the road, the road should stop because of a pitch facility. One small portion in Lagos, in a pitch in Lagos. So from Lagos to Oran, we should all give it up because of the business interests of one particular individual? I don’t want to even talk about the person. One particular individual will be protected; this is how you have reduced yourself to saying that everybody should sacrifice for the business interests of one particular individual.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>