As Fubara’s successor, Wike reveals the real him

As Fubara's successor, Wike reveals the real himThe Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has revealed the true personality of his successor, Siminialayi Fubara.

According to the governor, Fubara is a quiet person but an achiever and would do well as Rivers’s governor.

Naija News reports that Wike in a media chat on Wednesday, said Fubara, who was a part of his administration, would know where he stopped to continue….. Continue Reading

He said Fubara would shock everybody with his performance as governor despite him not being a talking type.

Wike also faulted reports of him “planting Fubara to succeed him so he can influence him.”

He said “For everybody, you determine what you want to do, you determine how your future wants to be if you way to go away politically it is left for you. See what I have done and I do know he (Fubara) is somebody who is calm, he is not the talking type, he is the quiet type but he is an achiever, he knows where we have stopped.

“It is for him to make his mark; it is for him to fill the big shoe I have left. He has worked with me, he has worked in the system from 2015. He resigned as Accountant General some months ago, he knows the government, he knows what the government has done.

“It is my hope that he (Fubara) performs better and people will say look we are happy of the product you chose for us, that is my own happiness. It is not to begin to influence him. Influence him to do what? Is it to ask him for money or to bring money to my wife? What kind of system is that?

“There are so many things left for him to do, so many things and I know by the grace of God he will shock everybody. When I came on board nobody ever believed I can do anything, they carried all kind of stories but today I have shocked everybody.”…

I am aware that I had been in this position for eight years before to the fight, Wike says.

I am aware that I had been in this position for eight years before to the fight, Wike says.

Wike: To launch projects, I'm bringing Tinubu to Rivers.

Wike: To launch projects, I’m bringing Tinubu to Rivers