Armed robbers kill a retired army general in their Abuja home.

Armed robbers kill a retired army general in their Abuja home.Retired Brigadier General Harold Udokwere was killed early on June 22, 2024, by armed thieves at his Abuja house. According to Vanguard, the attack took place at his home on No. 1 Sanga Street, Sunshine Homes, close to Kabusa Junction in Lokogoma, Abuja, at around three in the morning.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Sources indicated that the robbers demanded jewelry, money, and other valuables before gunshots were heard. An estate resident reported that one of the estate guards was injured during the incident. Brigadier General Udokwere was taken to the National Hospital Abuja, where he was confirmed dead.

Following the incident, FCT Police Commissioner Benneth Igweh ordered an in-depth investigation into the attack. SP Josephine Adeh, the Police Command’s spokesperson, confirmed that the robbery resulted in the death of Brigadier General Udokwere.

CP Igweh expressed his condolences to the family and promised swift justice, assuring that efforts were underway to apprehend the culprits. He also emphasized the command’s dedication to improving the security of the nation’s capital by constantly updating strategies to counteract criminal activities.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>