Arewa Group ‘Enemies of Nigeria Are at Work, Those Who Don’t Want Dangote and Tinubu to Succeed’

Arewa Group ‘Enemies of Nigeria Are at Work, Those Who Don’t Want Dangote and Tinubu to Succeed’Arewa Think Tank (ATTK), a group based in the North, said that people who were against Aliko Dangote’s success were to blame for the most recent fire incident at the Dangote Refinery in Lagos. They called these people “enemies of Nigeria.” According to THE SUN, the group said that these saboteurs also intend to obstruct President Bola Tinubu’s attempts to enhance socioeconomic conditions in the nation.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In a statement released on Wednesday, Muhammad Alhaji Yakubu, the Chief Convener of Arewa Think Tank, claimed that adversaries who do not want Dangote and Tinubu to succeed were responsible for the fire. He expressed confidence that Nigeria and its citizens would ultimately prevail.

Yakubu highlighted that the fire occurred shortly after Dangote revealed that International Oil Companies (IOCs) were attempting to undermine his efforts. He urged Dangote not to be disheartened, emphasizing that the path to success is fraught with challenges. Yakubu reassured that despite the fire affecting part of the refinery, it would soon resume full functionality.

Yakubu, said, “Enemies of Nigeria are at work, those who don’t want Dangote and Tinubu to succeed. Nigeria and Nigerians will eventually triumph.

“The fire is happening a few days after the owner of the refinery, Aliko Dangote, explained how International Oil Companies (IOCs) are trying to frustrate him.

“We want to urge Aliko Dangote not to be disturbed because the journey to success is full of challenges, and it is our belief that despite the fire gutting part of the refinery, it will bounce back to function soon.“

He condemned the actions of those trying to destroy the refinery, noting that it is the world’s largest single-train refinery and a significant contributor to Nigeria’s economic development. Yakubu expressed relief that the fire at the effluent treatment plant was quickly contained without any injuries.

Yakubu also praised Dangote for choosing to build the refinery in Nigeria, providing employment opportunities rather than locating it in neighboring countries. He pointed out that the refinery, situated on a 6,180-acre site at the Lekki Free Trade Zone in Lagos State, would create 135,000 permanent jobs once fully operational.

Reflecting on President Tinubu’s commendation of the Dangote Refinery earlier in the year for reducing the price of diesel from ₦1,200 to ₦1,000 per litre, Yakubu noted the positive impact on the economy and inflation. He emphasized the importance of the federal government’s 20 percent stake in the refinery and the essential role of public-private partnerships in advancing the nation’s well-being.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>