Apostle Suleman’s account of what I said to a governorship candidate who gave me a church bus as a gift because he wanted to win the election

Apostle Johnson Suleman, a controversial clergyman from the Omega Fire Ministry and a Nigerian televangelist, has disclosed what he advised a governorship candidate to do when he gave his church a bus in order to win an election. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Suleman described how a man who is running for governor bought a bus for his church and asked him (Suleman) to pray for him to win the election while he was preaching to his church members today about seeking divine guidance from God before starting a journey or starting a business. The preacher warned him not to enter, though, because he wouldn’t succeed.

Many of you are stranded, he claimed, not because of a lack of wealth but rather a lack of divine guidance. Instead of starting a business because you have the money, do it because God has told you to. It takes supernatural guidance to flourish because wherever God directs you, you will find your daily food.

A few years ago, a man came and purchased us a brand-new church bus, but he insisted that I come down to bless the bus and pray for him first. What do you want the Lord to do for you? I so walked down and asked him. and he informed me that his goal is to succeed in his bid for a state’s governorship. I prayed and lowered my head, but the Lord told me he shouldn’t run because he wouldn’t succeed.

I warned him he wouldn’t win, but he said that he had already had assurances to that effect from several prophets, which is why he was giving the church a bus. Then I instructed him to board the bus and return it back after winning. He started running but lost horribly. Although I’m sorry for his loss, if he had followed divine guidance, he may have saved money, time, and effort.…… Continue Your Reading

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