Anti-Grazing Law:Natasha Akpoti, If You’re Igbo, Yoruba, You’re Free To Establish Business In North

Anti-Grazing Law:Natasha Akpoti, If You’re Igbo, Yoruba, You're Free To Establish Business In NorthThe anti-grazing bill debates have been addressed by Senator Natasha Akpoti. She suggested that when someone asks why a politician would make human-cattle analogies, there can be a misunderstanding.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The Sun reported that Natasha elucidated that the Nigerian constitution permits unrestricted travel and commerce throughout Nigeria. She said that this implies that anybody can open a business anywhere in Nigeria, regardless of where they are from, either in the south, east, or north.

According to her, raising cows should be viewed as a legitimate kind of business, much like cultivating cassava, rice, or fishing.

In Akpoti’s opinion, cattle herders ought to have the same assistance and interventions as other farmers and fishers. She claimed that the government should provide resources and assistance to help them run their company.

In her words, “if you’re an Igbo man, or you are a Yoruba man from the South or East, you are free to establish a business in the northern part, or whichever it is.”

“As you know, the whole argument is that herding cattle, as you see, should be looked at as an economic concern.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>