Aniekan Brown ‘A Lecturer Who is Meant to Receive N200k as Salary Will End Up Going Home with N110k’

Aniekan Brown ‘A Lecturer Who is Meant to Receive N200k as Salary Will End Up Going Home with N110k’Prof. Aniekan Brown, a former ASUU zonal coordinator, said that the union had historically supported “education for all.” He demanded an increase in remuneration, pointing out that lecturers’ duties did not match their pay. According to Punch, Brown voiced concern about the high tax rates levied by the federal government, which require academics to pay as much as 90% of their take-home income. This was in addition to the inadequate and stagnating earnings.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Brown stated that some lecturers had up to 48 credit loads per week and taught on Saturdays, yet their earnings were insufficient. He stressed that it was difficult to work effectively under such conditions. He noted that the last salary increment was in 2009 and criticized the federal government for failing to address this issue.

Brown also emphasized the union’s commitment to ensuring the proper functioning of the public university system and urged the government to take necessary actions. He pointed out the poor conditions in which students were taught, with rooms designed for fifty students being overcrowded with 200 to 250 students and lacking public address systems. He criticized politicians for sending their children to schools abroad and contributing to foreign universities while neglecting local institutions.

Furthermore, Brown highlighted the severe taxation faced by lecturers, noting that a lecturer expected to receive N200,000 as salary would end up with only N110,000 after N90,000 was deducted as tax.

In his words: “Let me also note that our taxes are excruciating, a lecturer who is meant to receive N200,000 as salary will end up going home with N110,000 as N90,000 will go in as tax.

“You’ll see lecturers jumping from one bus to another, living uncomfortable lives, how can we impact knowledge successfully in this scenario? These people giving us this kind of tax evade tax, they subjected us to IPPIS and they are not in IPPIS.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>