An unnamed organization issues a death threat against Arise TV anchor Rufai Oseni

An unnamed organization issues a death threat against Arise TV anchor Rufai OseniRufai Oseni, the host of Arise TV, has received a murder threat from an unidentified organisation.

This was revealed by Ojy Okpe, a colleague of Rufai’s, during the “What’s Trending” segment of the morning show on Arise TV.

Ojy quoted verbatim from a post that was just posted by the “Anonymous Collective” page on Facebook, claiming that Rufai’s life is in danger….. Continue Reading

An assassination attempt is allegedly being prepared for Rufai and his family, according to the website that claims they are ignorant of who he is.

The page, which has thousands of followers, is well known for disclosing the intentions and secrets of unknown individuals, particularly in situations when anonymous death threats have been made.

It was said in the post that these plans are about to be carried out and urged the Arise TV anchor to keep safe. It also noted the rumors regarding Peter Obi’s detention that have been circulating.

Rufai responded to the threat on the show by saying that it wasn’t the first time he has received threats against his family and even life.

He acknowledged that his work had a negative impact on him and his family, but he insisted that he would continue regardless of the risks to his life because he believed that the country needed excellent, trustworthy journalism.

In reaction to Rufai’s remark, Ojy Okpe assured him that he had the full support of everyone at Arise TV……. Read more

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