Aminu Babba: Ado Bayero Went to Lagos Just For Him to Hear on the Radio That He Had Been Removed

Kano:Aminu Babba, I'm the One That Went to Court to Challenge the Law; I'm the Sarkin Dawaki of KanoAminu Babba Danagundi, the Sarkin Dawaki Babba of the Kano Emirate, denounced in an interview with Arise TV the abrupt removal of Ado Bayero from the position of Emir of Kano, which was planned by the governor of Kano State. While on a nationwide assignment in Lagos, he heard of Bayero’s expulsion through a radio announcement, which he used to illustrate the inauspicious way in which he was removed.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Aminu Babba emphasised that due process was not followed in Bayero’s removal, citing that the governor can remove an emir but must follow proper procedures. He revealed that Abba Yusuf had attempted to change his title, which he refused, inheriting it from his father.

According to him, “He said he wants to change my title from Sarkin Dawaki to another title. I refused because this is a title I inherited from my father, and I don’t want any other title. I challenged him at the same fair hearing. He can remove me; the governor can remove an emir if he wants to remove him, but he has to follow due process. You just don’t remove an Emir, an Emir like Emir of Kano, in a day without any query. He was on a national assignment; he (Ado Bayero) went to Lagos just for him to hear on the radio that he had been removed. It is never done.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>