Ambode George details the first error Tinubu committed throughout his term in office.

Chief Olabode George, a former deputy national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), provided The Nigerian Tribune with his evaluation of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration. He started by underlining the lengthy nature of the presidential term, putting the four-year term in the context of a day’s worth of 24 hours. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Chief Olabode George drew attention to what he believed to be President Tinubu’s first error of judgment while in office. He argued that the distribution of N5 billion to each state as palliatives was unjustifiable given the disparities in population between the states. With a combined population of less than 2 million and 22 million, respectively, Lagos State and Bayelsa State were presented as examples by George.

He claimed, “I have repeatedly mentioned that this voyage will take a long time. There are 24 hours in a day, and we have four years ahead of us, to put it technically. You may calculate how many hours the President will serve in office by multiplying 24 hours by 365 days and then by 4 years. We are simply at the beginning of a lengthy commitment. I refused to hide, which was the first error he made. Instead than just giving me fish to eat, teach me how to fish.

The N5 billion handed to each state as palliatives was the first error made. To what end? How many people live in Lagos State? We received about 22 million and N5 billion. The population of Bayelsa State, which is less than 2 million, is N5 billion. Kano State has a population of N5 billion and is also a very populous state. Jigawa State, the neighboring state, also received N5 billion. Is that acceptable?

“Kwara State also got N5 billion, what is the population of Kwara State?,” he said. Do you recall what I witnessed when they were providing one family one “mudu” and some rice? Would you be donating N5 billion every day? The financial sector’s disarray is chaotic and painful to see. I’m so embarrassed beyond words that it happened. Our reserve, where are you? How are you going to support your currency if you don’t have enough reserves? What is happening? Are those leaks related to the oil subsidy fraud real? What is the truth of this story?”

He expressed shock at the condition of Nigeria’s reserve and questioned the integrity of the financial industry. He drew attention to worries about currency support and purported mismanagement in the foreign exchange market, where the value of the dollar appeared to shift depending on who you knew. He emphasized the necessity for transparency to comprehend ongoing financial challenges and avoid making the same mistakes twice, stressing that solving these problems should be a group effort rather than only depending on one person.

In essence, Chief Olabode George criticized President Tinubu’s administration’s palliative medication distribution, financial sector mishandling, and transparency problems while urging group efforts to remedy these issues.

When you hear several accounts, it might be confusing, especially when they contain lies and false facts, he concluded. There have been allegations of manipulation in the foreign currency market, where the dollar’s worth appeared to depend on your network of contacts. Everyone is impacted by this since it is not a private problem. Money that belongs to all Nigerians is involved. Transparency is necessary if we are to comprehend the truth and keep from making the same mistakes twice. One person cannot solve every problem. This is a group effort.…… Continue Your Reading

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