Amb. Usman stated, “The US Has $500 Million Worth Of Airbases And $100 Million Worth Of Drone Base In Agadez In Niger.”

Usman Sarki, a former deputy permanent representative from Nigeria to the UN, claimed that the US has $100 million worth of drone bases and $500 million worth of airbases in Niger. In an interview with Arise TV news, he claimed that the reason why the United States is being forgiving of the Military Regime is because they want to further their own interests. He asserts that the US can only rationally compel the military junta in Niger to cede power through negotiation. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

”The United States is actually being quite flexible, not burning its bridges and not truly alienating the regime in Niger, but attempting to cover and defend its interests,” he claimed. And as you are aware, the US has extensive interests in Niger. In Agadez, Niger, the US has air bases worth $500 million and drone bases worth $100 million. They invest roughly $30 million in maintenance each year.

They therefore value these strategic assets greatly and will be reluctant to part with them. They will therefore be corresponding with the regime and may even come to an agreement behind our back that would allow them to transit while lessening the restrictions we have decided to place on them. Therefore, rather than France, the United States is the actor to watch.…… Continue Your Reading

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