Although He Has The Power To Influence Things,Tinubu May Not Have Absolute Power To Release Kanu


Dr. Obidigbo has made a sharp criticism of Britain’s handling of Nigerian affairs, pointing to the country’s 1984 protection of Alhaji Umaru Dikko as an example of its double standards. Dikko, a former minister of transportation for Nigeria, was not a British citizen, but Britain protected him from attempts by the Nigerian government to extradite him. Dr. Obidigbo claims this shows how Britain’s policies are prejudiced and inconsistent.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

“Britain’s protection of Alhaji Umaru Dikko in 1984, despite his lack of British citizenship, demonstrates their double standards,” Dr. Obidigbo stated. He argued that this incident underscores a broader pattern of behavior in which Britain prioritizes its interests over fairness and justice in its dealings with Nigeria.

According to The Guardian, Dr. Obidigbo went on to criticize Britain’s longstanding approach to Nigeria, accusing the former colonial power of viewing the country merely as a resource for political scheming and economic exploitation. “Britain perceives Nigeria as a resource for political scheming and economic exploitation,” he claimed, suggesting that these practices are part of a deliberate strategy to maintain influence and control.

Furthermore, Dr. Obidigbo expressed skepticism about Britain’s willingness to relinquish its hold on Nigeria. “They have no plans to loosen their hold,” he asserted, indicating a belief that Britain’s actions are driven by a desire to continue benefiting from Nigeria’s resources and geopolitical significance.

In light of these accusations, Dr. Obidigbo voiced a hopeful message for the future. He called on African youths to recognize and confront these injustices, urging them to reclaim their rights and resources. “I hope that African youths will rise against these injustices and reclaim their rights and resources,” he declared, encouraging a new generation to take a stand against historical and ongoing exploitation.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>