Ali M. Ali explains why Wike might not perform as well as El-rufai as FCT minister.

Ali M. Ali, a former vice-president of the Nigerian Guild of Editors, asserted Nyesom Wike, the current minister of the FCT, might not do as well as one of his predecessors, Nasir El-rufai. Unlike Wike, El-rufai could carry out some of his promises to destroy buildings in the FCT, according to Ali M. Ali, who was speaking on Television Continental (TVC). This is because at the time he was a minister, El-rufai had not shown any signs of favoring party politics. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He stated, “I believe Wike may ultimately find himself in a catch-22 situation as a result of being a politician. He might be capable of doing that on his own, but he would quickly realize that Abuja is not Rivers State, where he is from. Due to the fact that he is a politician, as opposed to El-rufai, there are numerous interests at stake. El-rufai practically turned into a one-man demolition crew while serving as FCT minister. El-rufai, in contrast to Wike, has the skills and the motivation to succeed without being constrained by political considerations. El-rufai is a quantity surveyor, as we all are aware.He had not demonstrated any tendency toward partisan politics at the time he was appointed minister. He was therefore free from political pressure.…… Continue Your Reading

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