Alaye Theophilus:”If You Put Rivers State In Light Of Political Crisis, You’re Demarketing Your State”

Alaye Theophilus:"If You Put Rivers State In Light Of Political Crisis, You're Demarketing Your State"The president of the Ijaw Youth Council globally, Alaye Theophilus, disputed the notion that Rivers State is immersed in a political crisis during an appearance on Channels TV. He claimed that it detracts potential investors and damages the state’s prestige. He pledged to continue voicing his worries about the state of affairs in Rivers State.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He asserted that these issues are well known and described the situation as one person versus the entire state.

He further said that the Federal Capital Territory Minister, Nyesom Wike, places more importance on upholding the status quo than on Rivers State’s general prosperity, development, and stability. He blamed this strategy for the persistent problems problems in the state.

In his words, “If you are putting Rivers State in this kind of light, that there are political crisis, then what are you telling the investors?”

“You are invariably demarketing your state, and on that, we will keep on talking. In fact this entire issue is just one man versus the entire state. These are not issues that are hidden, these are open secrets.”

“The FCT Minister (Wike) believes in the structure more than the well-being, the growth, and stability of Rivers State. That is what is happening.”CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>