Ahead of an appeal court decision, tensions are rising in Rivers State

Ahead of an appeal court decision, tensions are rising in Rivers State.Amid a political and legal impasse, Rivers State is experiencing increasing levels of tension as stakeholders wait impatiently for the Court of Appeal’s decision. The question at hand is whether the state’s leadership is still legitimate in the wake of the High Court’s controversial ruling.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Former Speaker Martin Amaewhule and 24 others are challenging the authority of Victor Oko-Jumbo and five others, who were endorsed by the High Court as the rightful leadership of the state’s House of Assembly.

According to Daily Post, Amaewhule’s faction seeks to halt the implementation of the High Court ruling, arguing that it overstepped its jurisdiction.

The conflict has further spilled over to the administration of the state’s 23 local government areas.

The tenure of former chairmen, whose mandate has expired, has sparked clashes and legal maneuvers. Governor Fubara’s directive for Heads of Local Government Administration to assume control has met resistance from the ousted chairmen, alleging an extension of their tenure by Amaewhule’s assembly.

Violent confrontations erupted recently, resulting in casualties among security personnel and injuries to protesters. Subsequently, the Inspector General of Police deployed additional forces to prevent further unrest.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>