Agyei Said. “1 Family Has Ruled Gabon For More Than 50 Years, With Its Oil The Country Is Still Suffering.”

A SBM intelligence analyst named Isaac Kofi Agyei has out in public to discuss the recent military coup in Gabon.

According to Kofi Agyei who appeared in an interview on Arise Tv this morning….CONTINUE READING>>>>>

“If you look at Gabon for example, the country is ranked really high for corruption. People have said that there’s a huge amount of corruption going on in the country, one family have ruled the country for more than 50 years and with it’s oil, the country is still suffering. This is a country that shouldn’t be suffering, the country is a member of OPEC and exports more than $3B worth of oil per year. So you expect that once the economy of the country starts to grow, you can see the effects on the people but the people are not feeling it. If you look at the West African region, democracy is on the decline and people are losing hope on their governments.” Continue Full Reading>>>

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