Agbedi, the Senate President for the South-South, proclaims that it is his turn to produce

Agbedi, the Senate President for the South-South, proclaims that it is his turn to produce.

A ranking member of the House of Representatives representing the Sagbama/Ekeremor Federal Constituency of Bayelsa State under the umbrella of the PDP, Fred Agbedi, has said that the Senate Presidency at the 10th National Assembly (NASS) should be zoned to the South-South region of the country.

Agbedi, who won re-election at the just-concluded National Assembly elections to return to the Green Chamber for a fourth term, made his position known in an interview on AIT’s Focus Nigeria programme on Thursday….. Continue Reading

He contended that it was the turn of the South-South to produce the President of Nigeria’s Senate.

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Agbedi was answering a question on the fact that some positions in the NASS were zoned and the Chief Whip of the Senate, Orji Uzo Kalu, who was re-elected on the platform of the APC from the South-East, had already claimed it was his turn to be Senate President.

Reports had quoted Kalu to have declared his intention on Tuesday to contest the Senate Presidency, saying “it is my turn to be senate president”, when he held a press conference in Abuja.

But Agbedi, who has already collected his Certificate of Return from the INEC, argued that the Senate Presidency at the 10th NASS should come to the South-South in order to give the people of the area a sense of fairness and justice.

The legislator, who hails from the coastal Aghoro community in the Ekeremor Local Government Area of Bayelsa, insisted that no southerner had become the Senate President since after the era of the late Joseph Wayas.

It would be recalled that Wayas, from Cross Rivers State, South-South Nigeria, was the Senate President in the Second Republic from 1979 to 1983.

He said, “Yeah, I think that the 2023 general elections brought in that new lexicon, ‘it is my turn’, and so everybody begins to say that ‘it is my turn’.

“But again I want to look at the issue of Senate Presidency and I can boldly sit here to say that if anybody should be talking about turn of Senate Presidency, the South-South should be talking about turn of Senate Presidency. Yes, because since after Joseph Wayas, I don’t think anybody has become Joseph Wayas, who is late now. I don’t think that anybody from the South-South has become Senate President.

“So, as at today, if we are talking about justice and fairness, l think the South-South should produce a Senate President.”

Agbedi disagreed with the sentiment in some quarters that the South-South had produced a President and Vice President in the 4th Republic, stressing that the senate presidency was the subject matter and that the political calculation covered all the republics from Nigeria’s Independence to present day.

He further stated: “We are talking about Senate Presidency. The South-East has also produced a Vice President before. It is not about 4th Republic. We are checking the various republics and how far we have travelled as a nation-state right from Independence.

“When you check how far we have travelled as a nation-state, the South-South is the place that the Senate Presidency ought to go now. And I think that the South-Southerners should stand up and say, ‘it is our turn’.

“If in APC the new democratic lexicon is, ‘it is my turn’, then the South-South should say ‘it is our turn’.”……

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