After they had already shot the wife, he ran over her and ordered them to kill him instead – An eyewitness laments

According to a recent article, on August 14, 2023, in Plateau State, two newlyweds named Barnabas Rwang, 27, and Sandra Rwang, 24, were shot dead by herdsmen when numerous herdsmen broke into their school’s premises with their cows. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

However, according to information published online by the Punch Newspaper yesterday, Sandra’s uncle, Davou Mang, has provided details regarding the murders of the two couples.

Mang said that the woman was his niece and that they were both from the same village as the husband when introducing himself.

We were just linked to the spouse and some other people in the same village, he said. The wedding took place on March 25, 2023. You should know that the two individuals were neighbours. Their homes were just a few yards apart and they lived in the same community. Together, they grew. They therefore fell in love and were married. I was there for the wedding, and it was clear that they were in love both before and after it.Both of them worked as teachers at BECO Comprehensive High School Kwi in Plateau State’s Riyom Local Government Area.

He claimed, “On that particular day, I found myself in Jos, when I received a call from my younger brother,” after describing how they were slaughtered. The lady in question was our relative, as I already explained. I was made aware of the upsetting situation at the school by my younger brother. You see, there is a fence that partly encloses the school grounds. The day of the meeting, the school staff was getting ready for a lecture and a prize-giving ceremony. A bunch of cattle unexpectedly entered the school’s grounds during the meeting, which was fairly unplanned.

As a result, the security officer for the school contacted the herdsmen and ordered them to take their livestock off the property. It also seems that several staff members gave the herders the same order. They were not aware that these herders were armed, however. The sound of gunfire suddenly broke the surroundings, and several persons were shot. Why would they start fire just in reaction to a request for them to leave the school’s premises, sparked suspicion that this could have been a planned assault.

He said, “I found out that they shot the lady first. The herders stoned her legs as she attempted to flee, causing her to fall before they shot her. They brought firearms. She had no weapons. The husband ran over the wife after they had shot the wife and ordered them to murder him instead. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He warned them not to harm his wife in an effort to save her. The guy allegedly shouted, “Just kill me and leave this woman alone,” according to several witnesses. However, the murderous herders did not pay attention to his pleas, and after killing her, they also shot the guy.

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