After the Lagos Assembly rejected 17 of the governor’s nominees for commissioners, the PDP’s Bode George said

Following the rejection of 17 commissioner nominees by the Lagos State House of Assembly, the former PDP National Deputy Chairman, Bode George, responded. During Governor Sanwo-Olu’s first term in office, a few of the rejected Commissioners were part of the government. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Bode George said the following during the live interview on Arise TV:

“You know, when I heard it, I was really flabbergasted. You know, it just goes to show that a political organization has a flawed system. We are still awaiting the courts, even though I am a Lagosian and the APC is not my party. APC members make for unusual bedfellows. The party’s founding fathers are some of the oldest members.

“So, hopefully. Then there are the party’s executive members. You would have gathered as a committee before moving forward with commissioner candidates. The State Assembly members would have sat down with the governors, both the governor and the deputy, with the elders, and the speaker, the deputy speaker, and maybe whatever they call the third one now to nominate persons from all around the state.

Disgrace yourself by claiming that the governor, who is the party’s head in Lagos, has nominated 17 people for your team. It’s chaotic. However, I also discovered that a group led by a professor of something went to protest.…… Continue Your Reading


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