After the court’s decision, we must assess if Tinubu has the power to run Nigeria. Keshi

After the court's decision, we must assess if Tinubu has the power to run Nigeria. KeshiA Former Nigerian General Consultant Ambassador Joe Keshi of Atlanta has stated that it is too soon to celebrate Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s win in the previous Presidential election.

Mr. Joe Keshi remarked in an interview with Arise Tv that the case has been brought to court and that the judge must now decide if Tinubu has the legitimacy to lead Nigeria. He stated that Tinubu’s victory in the recent Presidential election, although receiving over 8 million votes, was not deserved….. Continue Reading

In addition, he said that due to the flawed process that led to Tinubu’s declaration as the victor, the issue of legitimacy is not at issue at the present. He asserts that the Tinubu camp is likewise conscious of the peculiar circumstance they are experiencing right now. Earlier today, Festus Keyamo, a Bola Tinubu spokesperson, asked the court to seek the detention of Peter Obi and Datti Baba Ahmed, the party’s vice presidential candidate. If you recall, this was during the early hours of the day.

He uttered:

”First of all, we have to wait to see if the President-elect Bola Tinubu will have the legitimacy to rule Nigeria after the court decision. It is very difficult for anybody to talk about legitimacy to start with because once it has gone to court, it becomes very clear that except the court makes a declaration, the question of legitimacy doesn’t arrive yet. And they are aware of that. They have to wait and see the outcome of the court process. It’s not time to celebrate yet.”…

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