After Soludo’s SA Said Soludo’s 2 Years In Office Is Better Than Obi’s Two Tenure, Peter Obi Reacts

After Soludo's SA Said Soludo's 2 Years In Office Is Better Than Obi's Two Tenure, Peter Obi ReactsIn response to remarks made by Alex Obiogbolu, a Special Advisor to the current governor of Anambra state, Charles Soludo, former governor of Anambra state Peter Obi has responded. According to Obiogbolu, Soludo’s first two years in office proved to be more successful than Obi’s entire eight-year term.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

However, during an interview on Arise TV, Peter Obi addressed these claims by encouraging people to review his electoral promises regarding education, health, poverty alleviation, and access to rural areas.

He said that he was recognized as the top performer in education and health and significantly contributed to poverty reduction during his time as governor. Obi highlighted his achievement in leaving subnational savings for future generations, which was unprecedented in Nigeria.

He said, “Let people go and look at my electoral promises to the people of Anambra state; education, health, pulling people out of poverty, making sure there’s access to rural areas. They were the measures of MDGs and I was number one in education, I was there in health, I was there in pulling people [out of poverty]. Go and ask those who ran office of poverty alleviation.

“What I promised, I delivered. I was able to even leave savings, subnational savings, for the first time in Nigeria for future generations, nobody had ever done that.”

While contrasting his tenure with Soludo’s, Obi noted that Soludo has promised to transform Anambra into Dubai and Taiwan. He said he had delivered on his commitments during his time in office, and that Soludo can only achieve his purpose when he eventually turns Anambra into Dubai and Taiwan.

“What I promised I delivered, my Senior brother Soludo, promised Dubai, Taiwan. You must stick to what you promised, when Anambra is now Dubai, Taiwan, he has achieved his purpose. What I promised, I delivered,” he added.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>