After Seeing Photos Of Burkina Faso Military President Donating Blood To Hospital, Nigerian Reacts

Pictures of Burkina Faso’s military chief, Ibrahim Traore, donating blood in the country’s hospital on Friday went viral and caused controversy among Nigerians and social media users. Images posted on popular social media platform X showed the military dictator of Burkina Faso beaming while donating blood to fellow citizens at a nearby hospital.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The military president of Burkina Faso tweeted on Friday, along with pictures of himself giving blood in a local hospital, saying, “On this World Blood Donor Day, I salute the efforts of the National Blood Transfusion Centre (CNTS), associations promoting blood donation, and volunteer donors who work to guarantee the availability of blood and blood products in hospitals public and private.”

In response to the Burkinabe military president’s tweet, which included images of himself giving blood at the nation’s hospital, Nigerians and social media users took to the platform. While some have voiced their admiration for the president, others have said they wish Nigeria had a leader of his caliber.

Here are screenshots of comments made by Nigerians and other users on social media:CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>