After seeing images of the “Mary Mother of Jesus Christ Mosque” in Dubai, Bashir Ahmad reacts.

Assistant to former president Muhammadu Buhari and leader of the All Progress Congress, APC, Bashir Ahmad reacted after seeing images of the “Mary mother of Jesus Christ Mosque” CONTINUE READING>>>>>

PUNCH NEWSPAPER, the source of the information, claims that the mosque was found to have existed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

However, since there are so many pictures of the mosque online, there have been many responses from social media users.

Please view a few of the mosque images that have been posted online.

After witnessing images of mosques, the APC leader has now responded.

He said that Mary is a revered figure in Islam in a message he shared on his official Twitter profile.

She is the only woman, according to him, to have a chapter in the holy Quran designated in her honor.

Please read the excerpt from his post that is below.…… Continue Your Reading

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  1. We honour her forever. Thanks to God that our Muslim brothers knows, believed and accept her.
    But the Protestant churches has refused to accept the truth.
    They proudly addresses their pastor’s wife as mummy, but envy Catholics that calls the mother of Jesus their own mother.

    Better Accept the Truth!!!

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