After Maryanne Moghalu Said She Ran Into Peter Obi At An Event But She Won’t Post Pictures, Nigerian Reacts


Social media users have responded in a variety of ways to Maryanne Moghalu’s claim that she ran into Peter Obi at an event. Maryanne Moghalu is the wife of Kingsley Moghalu, the former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. On Sunday, she announced the news on her official X Twitter.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

She said she ran into the former governor of Anambra state at the 90th birthday celebration of Dame Beatrice Ekweme that went down in Enugu.

Maryanne Moghalu stated that after she met Peter Obi at the event, she took some pictures with him but she won’t post them.

Here is what she wrote on her official X handle;

“Ran into His Excellency, Peter Obi at Dame Beatrice Ekwueme’s 90th birthday in Enugu. I no post picture, Happy Sunday!”.



However, after she made the post on her official X handle, there were several reactions from social media users.

Kindly read a few comments from some of the people who shared their thoughts below.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>