after a Nollywood Producer was shot dead by police during a kidnap attempt, Kanayo O Kanayo reacts


Reacting on social media, renowned Nollywood actor Kanayo O Kanayo said that Nigerian policemen had shot and killed Nollywood producer Henry Asonna during an attempted kidnapping in the Ladipo area of Lagos State.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

Journalists, bloggers, and influencers should be careful about who they identify as a Nollywood actor or producer, according to a video that Kanayo O. Kanayo just posted on his official Instagram profile.

“In his Words”

“My dear friends, My name is Kanayo O Kanayo, I’m a Nollywood Actor and a Lawyer, why I made this introduction is because I’m one of the protectors of the Nigerian Entertainment Industry in word and in deed. I just read this breaking news from CKN ‘Nollywood Actor amongst 9 alleged

millionaire kidnappers killed by police in Lagos’, and I begin to ask, who’s a Nollywood Actor? Who’s a Nollywood Producer? Is it somebody who calls himself a producer assembling some girls or boys, conducting an audition, taking money from those that they need to audition to come to the industry makes him a producer?”.

“An actor is now somebody who leaves his trade, finds Nollywood a fertile ground to grow his activities? Does an actor becomes a girl who sleeps with a man in the hotel, runs away with his dollars and is announced as a Nollywood Actress? We must begin to identify who’s an actor and a producer, Why I commend the Nigerian Police for making our Lagos safe, please bloggers, influencers, journalists and so on, be mindful of those you refers to as Nollywood producers or actors, it affects some of us”.

“We need to investigate, it’s beginning to be a bad name for all of us who practice this trade, who depends on this, don’t forget they are high profile actors, who have made the country proud, who have contributed immensely in the GDP. So I want to once again commend the Nigerian Police and all the security agencies for what they are doing but before journalists publish, let’s redefine what they call Nollywood Actor or Producer being involved in a crime, it affects all of us all”, Kanayo O Kanayo said and it stirred massive reactions from the general public. Click on the link below to watch the video.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>