After a crushing loss at Emirates, can we all agree that De Gea is superior to Onana? — Bashir Ahmad

previous media Bashir Ahmad, an aide to former president Muhammadu Buhari, sparked outrage on social media after posting on his official X account, formerly known as Twitter, to react to Manchester United’s new goalkeeper Andre Onana’s three goals allowed against Arsenal in the Premier League today despite making 40 out of 50 passes. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Andre Onana is a goalkeeper with many skills, according to Bashir Ahmad, and he can transfer the ball accurately out of the back.

As a response to Manchester United’s loss…

As a goalie, Andre Onana is better at making passes than many defenders, according to the author. Against Arsenal, he completed 40 of his 51 passes. What a talented goalkeeper you are.

Can we all agree that De Gea is superior to Onana in light of this significant loss at the Emirates?

However, random social media users in Nigeria have reacted to his post in a variety of ways, with many of them leaving comments.

Please read the following screenshot to see some of the Nigerians’ responses to his post:

They are somewhat comparable, although Onana is better when playing from the back, and I fail to understand how this has helped us. I will argue that obtaining Onana was a complete financial waste because United isn’t used to it.

The group as a whole is average.

Officiating standards in the Premier League are humiliating. It’s obvious to everyone that #mufc has been robbed.

De Gea has displayed some exceptional play over the course of his career. But his latest actions, which led to his departure, are not in line with what you, as a supporter, see in modern football. From the start of the game to the very last moment,…… Continue Your Reading

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