Affirming Putin’s Statement On Religious Harmony, Thousands Of Muslims Perform Eid In Moscow Streets

Affirming Putin's Statement On Religious Harmony, Thousands Of Muslims Perform Eid In Moscow StreetsAccording to Globe Eye News, hundreds of thousands of Muslims have recently assembled on Moscow’s streets to celebrate Eid prayers. President Vladimir Putin’s recent claim that Russia is a special country where Islam and Christianity have coexisted peacefully for centuries was validated by this incident.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

The large gathering was an important moment for the Muslim community in Russia.

Participants filled the streets around the central mosques, creating a sea of worshippers.

The prayers marked the celebration of Eid by Muslims worldwide.

President Putin’s statements about religious harmony in Russia were confirmed by the event.

The event was organized with the help of local authorities to ensure safety and order.

Police and volunteers were on hand to manage the crowds.

Despite the large number of people, the prayers proceeded without incident.

President Putin has often spoken about the religious diversity of Russia. In a recent speech.

“Russia is a unique place in the world where Islam and Christianity have lived together in harmony for hundreds of years,” Russian President Putin said.

The large turnout for the Eid prayers seemed to confirm his statement.

The event in Moscow was part of a larger celebration of Eid across Russia.

Similar gatherings took place in other major cities, including Kazan and Ufa, which have large Muslim populations.

The peaceful nature of the Eid celebrations highlighted the harmony between different religious communities in Russia.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>