Adebayo Adeolu stated, “Tinubu had a godmother who helped him in many ways to get to his Destined Position.”

It’s fair to say that during his campaign to become Nigeria’s 16th president, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu faced some of the ugliest criticism of any candidate in the nation’s history. Many people believed the President’s reelection was improbable. A lawyer and political pundit named Adebayo Adeolu has claimed that Bola Tinubu’s ascent to power was inevitable. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He compared Tinubu’s life to Cinderella in a Sun Newspaper interview. Alhaja Abibat Mogaji, he compared to Tinubu’s “godmother,” and claimed that she played a role in determining the politician’s destiny. He asserted that the President had drawn motivation for his own political objectives from previous presidents and their achievements.

He said, “President Tinubu seems to be a man of destiny.” He was raised in a terrible environment and was born into poverty, like many great men before him, before he fully transformed himself. His story is one that might be taken straight out of a fairy tale, replete with a godmother (Alhaja Abibat Mogaji), who cleared the path for him to fulfill his potential and mature into the man he was always intended to be.

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