Actress in Nollywood Explains How Her Hardupbringing Made Her Desperate For Love

Actress in Nollywood Explains How Her Hardupbringing Made Her Desperate For Love

Fast-rising Nollywood actress, Esther Nwachukwu, has said that her poor upbringing made her desperate for love. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

Naija News reports that the controversial thespian made this known in an interview with Punch, saying not growing up with her parents affected her love life.

Nwachukwu revealed she grew up with relatives and was maltreated.

She said, “I did not grow up with my parents. I grew up with relatives, and I was maltreated, and it has affected my love life. In every relationship I have been involved in, I have always needed more love. I just want to be loved.”

The actress also insisted she had a romantic affair with her married colleague, Pope Odonwodo, stressing they were good friends, but he was not straightforward.

Asked if she was the one who made advances at him, she said, “I cannot make advances at a man. It is a man who would make advances on me. He knows he cannot reach out to me (since I called him out), because I have blocked him everywhere (on social media).”

Nwachukwu also stated that she was only joking when she said on social media that she prefers dating married men to single men.

She said, “I did not mean what I said. I was just using it to ‘catch cruise’. I am a very controversial person.”

Speaking on why she chose to be controversial, she said, “I am not doing it to grow followers on social media. I lost my Instagram page with hundreds of thousands of followers because of my controversy. I was raised in a bitter way. I wasn’t raised with love. That is why I am this way. If I make money, I will stop being controversial.”…… Continue Your Reading

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