Actress Angela Eguavoen reveals that she had encountered mouth odor with a male actor during a kissing scene.

They endure a lot as performers and actresses in order to provide their audience with genuine amusement. Nollywood actress Angela Eguavoen described one of the difficulties she faced during a production, including the time she had to cancel a full scene due to a male coworker. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

In a recent interview with The Sun Newspaper, the actress revealed that she once had to halt filming because her male colleague’s mouth stench was too much for her to stomach. They were supposed to kiss, but Angela claims that she stopped the scene due to the problem.

The curvy actress claimed that she went to the film’s director and explained everything. The kissing sequence, according to Angela, is not crucial to the narrative of the film, thus the director had no issue with her omitting it. Here is a sample of the interview:

“I once couldn’t continue a kiss because I had mouth odor during a kissing sequence. When I spoke with the director, he was sympathetic. The kiss itself wasn’t that significant in the scene, after all.…… Continue Your Reading

This is not the first time an actor or actress has expressed concern about a fellow crew member’s bad breath during a film. Netizens who responded to the interview denounced the occurrence, claiming that since they work in the entertainment industry, movie stars should already have a remedy for their dental health.

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