Actor Murphy Afolabi, an Osogbo native and former Ifa practitioner who converted to Islam, is famous for his extensive Yoruba lexicons.

Actor Murphy Afolabi, an Osogbo native and former Ifa practitioner who converted to Islam, is famous for his extensive Yoruba lexicons.Murphy Afolabi Olawale with other crew members on a set
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Whatever the case, life will always come to an end at the proper moment, no matter how enjoyable it may be. Murphy Afolabi, a well-known Nollywood actor, shared a photo on Saturday at 11:25 a.m. with the message, “Have a great weekend!” but he had no idea it would be his last post (death was about to happen).Murphy Afolabi Olawale and his children
According to reliable sources, he had been unwell for a week before falling in his bathroom, suffering a head injury that ultimately led to his death. Murphy Afolabi’s name could not be put to death, but only his life was taken by the Grim Reaper.Murphy Afolabi Olawale and one of his sons. Continue Reading>>>
He was an extremely underprivileged child from Osogbo’s streets who defied all difficulties to become famous. Murphy Afolabi did not have a golden start in life. He began acting as a child, developed his craft bravely and consistently, and established himself as an example for others to imitate.

He dedicated his life to advancing culture and customs. He was a discipline of Baba Ifayemi Elebuibon where he was taught ifa divination among others. He began acting at a very young age, appearing in the traditional film Ifa Olokun while being trained by his supervisor, Fasasi Olabankewin (Dagunro), who passed away a number of years ago.The distinguished actor was able to withstand the turmoil that claimed others who began their careers earlier than he did and made a significant contribution to the growth of Yoruba traditions through film-making.

The May 5, 1974, born actor who debuted in the 1990s. He was a Yoruba language movie actor well known for playing a herbalist and was the son of ex-OluAwo in Osogbo (head of Ifa priests).

His passion for performing led him to enroll in a degree program in mass communication at University of Lagos (UNILAG) while pursuing acting full-time. His role in the film “Omo Rapala,” which made him famous, allowed more people to recognize and appreciate his acting talent.

Murphy Afolabi, a loner with no clear educational records and an inability to freely communicate in English, the official language of our country, worked extremely hard and rose from being a common actor to director, and eventually CEO of Fatuns Films Production, unlike some young actors who rode on their parents’ legacy or efforts to be recognized in the industry.

He protected his family from the spotlight despite being a celebrity. In addition to the three children he already had—two boys, Afolabi Olamilekan and Okikiola Afolabi, and a girl, Afolabi Fathia Moyosore—another lady claimed to be pregnant for him, but he refused to allow a DNA test to identify the girl’s biological father after admitting that he had sex with the said woman.

Murphy Afolabi was a traditionalist and an adherent of African religion. But according to some sources who spoke to WITHIN NIGERIA, Murphy Afolabi, the late Olu-Awo of Osogbo’s son, converted to Islam and received the new name “Moruf” before he passed away. Another insider revealed to WITHIN NIGERIA that he fasted during this year’s 2023 Ramadan, the Muslim holy month.

Afolabi Murphy passed away at the age of 49. According to a proverb, enjoying life begins at age 50. The rewards for Murphy’s labor were not all that great. He put in a lot of effort and was dependable in his profession, yet he passed away too soon. We must be comforted by Murphy Afolabi’s legacy and accomplishments in the film business while we mourn his tragic and profound passing.

His narrative as a street kid from, Fetuata family compound, Osogbo who entered the tumultuous Nollywood industry with his acting abilities and rich Yoruba lexicon and carved out a name for himself must be solace to us. Rest in peace, Murphy Afolabi, Osogbo star boy, until we meet and part no more.

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