A’Court Ruling:Fubara, I know a lot of you will be wondering what is going on, no cause for alarm

A'Court Ruling:Fubara, I know a lot of you will be wondering what is going on, no cause for alarmRivers State Governor Siminalayi Fubara assured the people of Rivers State that his administration is steadfast in delivering good governance, emphasizing that the appellate court’s ruling, which dismissed a previous restraining order against certain lawmakers, signifies a phase that has passed. On Friday, Governor Fubara said there is no reason for concern regarding the recent decision of the Court of Appeal concerning the State House of Assembly crisis.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

“We are not deterred,” Governor Fubara affirmed, highlighting his commitment to fulfilling campaign promises despite governmental challenges. He referenced Psalm 23:5 to illustrate resilience in the face of adversity, noting that progress often comes amidst challenges. The governor emphasized the importance of continuing development efforts, including the recent funding allocation for reconstructing and expanding four zonal hospitals.

According to Channels Television News reports, Fubara said, “I know that a lot of you will be wondering what is going on and all that. Government has its own challenges. If you go to the book of Psalm 23 verse 5, in the Bible, it said that God prepares a table before you; it can be before anybody. But there is an underlined word that should be noted here: it said ‘in the presence of your enemies’. So, it means that nothing comes easy.”

Governor Fubara expressed satisfaction with the contractors’ dedication to realizing his administration’s healthcare vision, praising their alignment with state goals. He reiterated that the absence of functional zonal hospitals upon assuming office prompted immediate action to enhance healthcare infrastructure. “In the presence of challenges, we remain focused on providing necessary amenities for our people,” Governor Fubara declared. He emphasized that his administration’s priority is to deliver quality governance despite legal and administrative hurdles.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>