According to Yabagi Sani, “I’m Not Expecting Any Crisis In The Manner That People Are Thinking”

We might not have all this noise if they had followed our advice, said Yabagi Sani.

According to Yabagi Sani, the Chairman of the Inter Party Advisory Council, he does not anticipate any crisis as a result of the way some people are interpreting the decision of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He argued that regardless if their side prevails or loses in court, the political party leaders who are involved in the legal disputes are patriots who do not want to see democracy destroyed.

He said in am interview with Arise Tv news, ”I will tell you for free that Nigerians have come a long way as far as ensuring that democracy prevails. And they will not do anything that will upset the democracy as far as it’s concerned. Democracy allows you to express your opinion, I’m not expecting any crisis in the manner that people are thinking. Because the leaders of these political parties, they love this country, they don’t want to lose the democracy that we have. Because why, when democracy fails, you know what happens? The first casualties are the politicians themselves but the biggest losers are the people themselves.”CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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