According to the Most Rev. Godfrey Onah, it is improper for a priest to deliver a sermon while using a laptop or smartphone.

The Catholic Bishop of the Nsukka Diocese, Most Rev. Prof. Godfrey Onah Igwebuike, expressed his opinion on Catholic priests who utilize electronic devices to deliver their sermons during the installation of Lectors and Acolytes in Nsukka. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The Catholic priest believes that using technology to give sermons is improper and inappropriate. He continued, though, by explaining why he was saying it.

The Most Reverend Godfrey Onah said, “Use your courage, leave the Smartphone, leave the Laptop, and abandon the other electronic gadgets when it comes to prayers and lectures. Use your smartphones to say prayers if you’re in a scenario where you don’t have access to your prayer or sermon books.

“However, if you compare the two and claim that the Smartphone is more convenient and easier, you have already begun to descend the steps. Because something profoundly wrong with your sense of judgment arises when you are unable to discern between the means of communication with humans (communication that is not always respectable) and the means of connection with God.

“I was not at all at ease the day I celebrated Mass using a technological device. In the sake of comfort and ease, using electronic devices during sermon delivery is improper for a priest.…… Continue Your Reading

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