According to Pat Utomi:”I Watched South African Elections And Wondered What INEC Thought Of It And Of Themselves”

According to Pat Utomi:"I Watched South African Elections And Wondered What INEC Thought Of It And Of Themselves"Renowned political economist and past presidential candidate Professor Pat Utomi has commented on the recent elections in South Africa. Prof. Utomi recently offered his ideas and views in a statement posted on his official X account.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

He questioned the Nigerian electoral body’s reflections on the South African process.

Utomi also noted the actions of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who formed a government of national unity.

“I watched the South African elections and wondered what Mahmoud Yakubu and INEC thought of it and of themselves. Then I watched Ramaphosa sign up on a government of National Unity and I wondered if those who captured power in Nigeria were watching. How do they benchmark. Now I am watching Kenya’s William Ruto on the world stage in Switzerland as the face of Africa. The political class of 1999 seem to have completed the humbling of Nigeria with the loss of a sense of shame as Nigeria takes a back seat to their self love,” Pat Utomi wrote.

This statement reflects Utomi’s concern about the Nigerian leadership’s attention to political developments in other African nations.

He further mentioned Kenyan President William Ruto’s presence on the global stage and highlights his view of Kenya’s rising profile compared to Nigeria’s current status.

Utomi expressed disappointment with Nigeria’s political situation, connecting the decline to the political class from 1999.

His comment points to a loss of direction and self-interest among Nigeria’s political leaders.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>