According to Pastor Kumuyi, Jesus Makes Intercession For Those Who Are Destroyed in Order That Their Lives Might Change.

On a live video stream, the general superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, shared a message with the general public. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

The cleric reportedly said, “Every wasted life will turn around tonight in the mighty name of Jesus, the Lord will touch you tonight, the Lord will save you tonight, the Lord will heal you tonight, and you will go back home with joy and excitement IN Jesus Name,” while speaking on the topic: JESUS: THE IMPARTIAL INTERCESSOR FOR EVERY INDIVIDUAL, in a Friday Global Crusade. You have it; in the name of Jesus, you won’t miss your benefits. You’ll receive a miracle there. Jesus Christ, who is pleading on our behalf, has taken away the life that was wasted. And thus it shall be in your life, through the might of Jesus.

In his subsequent remarks, he continued, “We want to look at the acronym of “WASTED LIFE.”

1. W stands for “Wicked life”. He will change your evil life tonight.

2. Afflicted and afflicting life, the suffering does not enable the afflicted to advance, he makes someone wasted in life that he has no purpose, and all he can do is to inflict misery on others.

3. A life of sin. I fervently hope that the Lord would intervene and prevent your life from being spent in sin if your entire commitment and purpose in life are to practice sin.

4. A bad life. If someone is awful, everyone fears him or her, and they are known as Mr. or Mrs. awful, they will never succeed in anything due of the awfulness of their lives.

5. A bad life. The devil lives next door to evil, and if you add a letter to evil, you get the devil. The devil cannot think of God’s glory; all he can think about is doing evil.

6. An unclean life. He is the candidate for defilement, but today, we come that Jesus will take away that wasted life and turn it around. If you can completely give your life to Christ, that wasted life will become a profitable, and this evening is that evening when the Lord will turn your wasted life into wonderful life; tonight, it is accomplished through Christ’s intercession.He makes intercession for the wicked, He makes intercession for those who are evil, He Makes Intercession For Those Who Are Destroyed So That Their Lives Will Turn Around. Because He came to make a substitution for us, He was counted as if He were a sinner. Christ makes unbiased intercession for each person, and He is doing so for you right now. He is able to save those who approach God through Him, and He is currently praying for you from on high. He wants your life to change for the better and does not want you to waste your resources. Today, He is always alive—the same yesterday, today, and forever—and He is constantly working to intercede on our behalf. Through His intercession and involvement on our behalf, He performs miracles.…… Continue Your Reading

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