According to Joshua Iginla, the house of God should be a place where we feed people rather than a business.

In a recent YouTube video, Prophet Joshua Iginla, the founder and senior pastor of the Champions Royal Assembly, shared a message with the general public. He discussed the benefits of pastors working outside of their churches. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

“We don’t have a future,” some young men who work as pastors around me, he added. Is it your future or mine? Do you intend for me to be your future? I’m going to build you a platform, and it’s up to you to use it. Your future is in you, not in me. I traveled here with a bag and am familiar with labor.

He continued, “I do not work in the ministry for pay. This place is supposed to be the home of God, where we feed people, not a place to generate money, so stop thinking about salaries and start working for God. Central Bank is not the Ministry. It is God who has called you, not your pastor. You’re now envious of a man because you’re not prepared to help yourself, whereas he is doing other things to better himself.

“You’ll understand when hunger strikes. There is a distinction between having food and not wanting to eat, as well as between having no food. When you’re poor, you can eat ten Congos of garri and still be hungry, but when you’re rich, you can choose and sip at your food as you go. A wealthy man’s success is his satisfaction.…… Continue Your Reading

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