According to G60 Lawmakers:”The thing we need to find out is, was this explosion meant for Fubara or Govt House”

According to G60 Lawmakers:"The thing we need to find out is, was this explosion meant for Fubara or Govt House"The G60, a group of opposition members of the House of Representatives, voiced worries that explosive use by protestors in Rivers State could damage democracy if it is not dealt with right away. Some people disobeyed police orders to call off the planned protest over the local government tenure elongation dilemma, which resulted in a deadly dynamite explosion close to Hotel Presidential on Aba Road, according to Vanguard.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

In a statement signed by their spokesperson, Hon. Ikenga Ugochinyere, the G60 lawmakers described the use of explosives by protesters as a step towards anarchy that must be prevented. They urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to instruct the Inspector General of Police and the Department of State Service (DSS) to investigate who funded the use of explosives during the protest and to determine if other explosives have been planted throughout Rivers State.

The lawmakers also called on the police to allow council workers to resume work and to focus their efforts on apprehending protesters carrying explosives. They criticized the notion of protesters possessing explosives, noting that these protesters are supporters of a serving minister and expressing concern over the fatalities resulting from the explosion.

The G60 emphasized that security agencies should prioritize uncovering how explosives were transported into Rivers State rather than sealing local government headquarters without legal justification.

The lawmakers said, “We wish to condemn in strong terms the idea of protesters moving about with explosives and more importantly these are supporters of a serving minister. We have already heard that one or two persons died because of the device exploded, this is very worrisome. The security agencies should use the energy they are using in sealing up local government headquarters to actually find out how explosives were moved into Rivers State.

“These were how Boko Haram and all the security issues we are dealing with in Nigeria started and we shouldn’t allow this explosion in a political protest. The thing we need to find out is, was this explosion meant for Governor Fubara or Government House or Rivers people? Why explosives.”

They accused certain individuals of attempting to destabilize the state and cause harm to innocent citizens, while criticizing the police for focusing on sealing local government offices instead of addressing the root causes of the unrest.

The G60 urged President Tinubu to direct the appropriate authorities to investigate the financing and potential spread of explosives in Rivers State. They warned that failure to do so would hold the government accountable for any subsequent breakdown of law and order.

Additionally, they called for the arrest of local government chairmen involved in the illegal sealing of government offices and those advocating for a state of emergency, suggesting these actions might be part of a coordinated effort.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>