According to Femi Falana, “$9B Worth Of Gold Is Illegally Taken Out Of Nigeria Each Year With 2 Private Jets.”

Femi Falana, a senior Nigerian attorney, has claimed that two private planes transport 9 billion dollars’ worth of gold out of the country each year. He claimed that other Western nations are utilizing the nation’s mineral wealth in an interview with Channels Tv News. He contends that the resources should be applied to both national and economic development. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

”The Chinese were mining lithium illegally in Zimbabwe, and that country stated, sorry, exploitation of Lithium is unlawful,” he claimed. The Chinese are currently investing $300 million in the construction of a factory in Zimbabwe. We currently have a lot of lithium here, and it is being taken away.

The question of how this government could name Dele Alake as the minister of Solid Minerals was posed to me only yesterday by a friend. And I informed them that two private jets unlawfully fly 9 billion dollars’ worth of gold out of Nigeria each year. I’m not referring to lithium or any other type of material.…… Continue Your Reading

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