According to Daniel Bwala, “If You Look At Tinubu Appointments So Far, You Can See That The Igbos Are Neglected.”

After his inauguration, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has appointed a number of people in recent weeks. The ministerial appointments of the members of his cabinet are still awaited by Nigerians. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has allegedly failed to advance the Igbos with the appointments he has made so far, according to PDP member Lawyer Daniel Bwala. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

He asserts that the constitution gives the President the authority to form the committee with whom he will collaborate. However, he pointed out that the Federal Character principles underlie the Nigerian Constitution. He clarified that no tribe or group should believe that the federal government is interfering in their affairs.

”Section 14 of the Constitution, subsection 3, talks about the federal government and that it must be managed in such a way that it will represent the principles of Federal Character,” he said. so that no one section, people, or group has dominance in the government…… Continue Your Reading

Therefore, he needed to do more to persuade the populace. Igbos are being ignored if you look at Tinubu’s appointments so far. In order to inspire what we refer to as National loyalty, an inclusive government is essential. You must make choices that win the hearts of the populace if you want to command their devotion.

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