According to Bishop Oyedepo, if you use Yahoo!, you are unknowingly digging your own grave.

At the Breaking New Grounds Day 4 Evening Session, Bishop David Oyedepo, General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, addressed his congregation on “Beware The God Of Gold Is On The Hunt For Precious Souls” || AYAC 2023. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

“Wealth is our portion in redemption, not our ambition, it’s allotted to us in redemption,” he said. Money itself is not evil; however, money’s love and worship are. Some members of this church received divine assistance from above, saw money, and fled; many of them are now smelling. The moment you veer from the covenant route, you have registered for crises, therefore you had better take cover. It’s a covenant, not a curse.

He said, “Judas was a land speculator; he was stealing in order to buy land; now that he had land to buy, there was no longer any money available for him to steal. As Peter, James, and John focused their attention on the cash, he remarked, “I better sell Jesus and buy this land. This is a place I don’t want to miss. Because (the love of money) makes you angry, he sold his Master. Jesus was aware that Judas was a thief, but Peter threatened to kill him if He ever mentioned it.

He said, “Any illegal activity someone here engages in without your knowledge is digging your grace. Get out of using Yahoo, Yahoo manipulations; if you are, you are unknowingly constructing your own coffin. There are respectable, legal ways to increase revenue while maintaining peace.…… Continue Your Reading

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