According to Abdullahi Shinkafi Laments “When telecom was cutoff in Zamfara, a bandit kingpin, Halilu freed 278 victims.”

According to a report that appeared in the Vanguard Newspaper online this morning, Sani Abdullahi Shinkafi, the former chairman of the committee charged with prosecuting crimes related to bandits in Zamfara State, made the chilling admission that bandits were contained when the state’s telecommunications were cut off. CONTINUE READING>>>>>

During the interview, Shinkafi was told that at some point in Katsina State, the governor severed telecommunications services in an attempt to put an end to banditry, as he was asked if this development yielded any result and while he was responding, he said it yielded result.

He said there were results and some data, inaccessible to conventional media houses is accessible via virtual entertainment organizations. He said there were results, particularly in Zamfara State where he comes from. It cut the inventory of supply of ammunition to the bandits.

Shinkafi said the bandits have their camps across the 42 local governments of the state but this helped the state in cutting the supply of logistics as well as arms and ammunition to the bandits. Also, the payment of ransom, and their movement slowed down. In some villages, the bandits move with more than 100 motorcycles at a time, carrying three passengers on each bike with an AK-47 and three magazines.

He said, “At the point when the stockpile was cut off, particularly petroleum, arms providers in the adjoining nations were cut off on the grounds that they couldn’t speak with the crooks. It yielded a great deal of results, relations of casualties who were in imprisonment couldn’t go to scoundrels camps and pay recover. Exercises of telephone witnesses were likewise cut off. The individuals who provided food sources, beverages and medications were cut off. When the telecommunication service was cutoff in Zamfara, a bandit kingpin, Halilu freed 278 victims because he did not have food to give to them and because he could not speak with the family members of his victims in Sububu Forest. They did not pay a dime.”

Further talking, he said when the 278 victims were released, they went to the forest to pick them upz and they were taken to hospital for treatment but about 18 of them died. There were also some foreigners that he (Halilu) had to release because he could not have the means to feed them and no communication with their family members.

He said, “Currently, the people from states in the North-West geopolitical, especially the people of Zamfara State, are calling on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to save their souls. Gusau to Sokoto State is a no-go area.It is the same thing from Gusau to Shinkafi. What I am saying is that, there is a need for the new Service Chiefs in the country to change the narrative, and they should be equipped because the armed bandits in Zamfara State have more sophisticated weapons than the Nigerian military, and police put together in Zamfara.” CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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