Abuja’s Multi-Business Complex Is Opened by Apostle Suleman’s Ministry

Abuja's Multi-Business Complex Is Opened by Apostle Suleman's Ministry
One of Nigeria’s leading Christian worship centres, Omega Fire Ministries, has opened a business complex in the heart of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.

According to church’s sources, it is part of the OFM’s initiatives to expand for more financial stability through alternative sources of income.

The business arena which was declared open by the General Overseer of OFM, Apostle Johnson Suleman, on Wednesday 8th of March, 2023, is a testament to the Ministry’s ingenuity and thinking outside of the box when in generating more incomes to further the kingdom of God……Continue Reading

The Church of God does not need to rely on offering and tithes to accomplish the purposes for which God established it, a source notes, adding that, with other alternative sources of income, the Church can create more predictability and security in its budget.

The new complex, we were informed, consists of relevant facilities, such as driveways, parking spaces and walkways that afford visitors the comfort of a unique and convenient shopping experience, moving between different departments, shops and units.

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