About Fulani Returning To Their State Of Origin After The New Bill, Barau Warns

About Fulani Returning To Their State Of Origin After The New Bill, Barau WarnsSenator Titus Tartenger Zam’s bill, which would create the National Animal Husbandry and Ranches Commission, has caused Deputy Senate President Jibrin Barau to voice serious concerns. Barau contends that the bill’s provisions—which he claims is unconstitutional and impractical—violate the right to freedom of residence guaranteed by the constitution by forcing Fulani herders back to their states of origin.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

“The constitution guarantees the right to reside in any part of the country, and this bill would infringe on that right,” Barau emphasized. He noted that many herders may not know their ancestral origins, making it difficult to determine where they should be relocated.

According to Punch, despite his objections, the bill passed its second reading and was referred to a committee for public hearing. Barau’s opposition highlights the need for careful consideration of legislation to ensure it aligns with the constitution and respects the rights of all citizens.

The debate surrounding the bill raises questions about the representation of diverse interests in the Senate. Barau’s experience living outside his place of origin and his advocacy for the rights of Fulani herders demonstrate the importance of considering diverse perspectives in lawmaking.

The committee’s review and further Senate deliberations will determine the fate of the bill. It is crucial that lawmakers carefully consider the constitutional implications and ensure that any legislation respects the rights of all Nigerians, regardless of their ethnicity or residence.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>